Welcome to PATA @ Elmbridge Under Fives

What are our hopes for your child?

We hope for the children;

  • to be excited, curious and motivated by a well designed and resourced environment.
  • to have a 'can do' attitude and be happy.
  • to be confident in who they are.
  • to feel safe, happy and secure and build on their confidence to become strong, independent, resilient risk takers. 


How will we help them achieve this?

We will:

  • provide a safe, secure learning rich environment for them to explore and challenge themselves.
  • achieve this by adopting the key person approach.
  • introduce new varied activities and plans for your individual child.
  • continually provide further opportunities to promote independent and critical thinking for problem solving.
  • support them to form relationships and be adaptable and flexible to change. 


When this is in place what will happen?

The children are

  • confident, inquisitive learners that enjoy exploring the activities and environment around them.
  • happy to come in and are eager to try new things.
  • engaged and make good progress.

When children leave us they are ready to transition into school and start the new exciting chapter in their lives.